Abi Chumley 

'Familial Fragmentation'

My focus as a conceptual artist is to draw attention to the things that personally mean the most to me at the time of their creation. There is no method as to how I do this; as long as the concept behind the piece is represented in a way that feels right to me, the materials and processes used to get to that point do not matter. In fact, it doesn’t matter to me if my final pieces look nothing like how I envisioned, just as long as the meaning and thoughts behind its creation is evident.  Familial Fragmentation explores my own negative experiences I have faced within my family that gradually led to feeling distanced and separated from those I have been told I should feel closest to. I believe that these kinds of unspoken about experiences should be shared in order to bring together those who have gone through similar experiences but are too afraid to speak out. 

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