Alice Kobrus 

Kintsugi of Belief


Alice Kobrus is a socially engaged interdisciplinary artist. Using participatory art Alice seeks to confront stigmas and stereotypes by giving a voice to those forced to function within normalised injustices. She aims to give opportunities for minorities to be heard, sparking discussions to open mindsets and bridge understanding. Alice hopes this move to acceptance cultivates community; causing a passion for equality, and empower participants to change the world; starting with themselves. 

Kintsugi of Belief seeks to highlight the voices of those who have faced the battles of addiction using the 15th century Japanese art form, Kintsugi. It’s philosophies believe that broken elements should be highlighted (through a gold lacquer), not hidden, to reveal the beauty in each artefact’s individual histories. This piece explores the healing relationships of belief. Kintsugi revitalises the object with new life, serving as a visual representation of the triumph’s participants claim to have gained from their faith. Testimonies are played through the Kintsugi repaired ceramics, allowing the artefact to tell the story, connecting the philosophies to the individual. Alice hopes for the philosophies of Kintsugi to transfer into the lives of those involved to help the participants and public face stereotypes surrounding addiction. 

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