Alicia Gaudion 

Domesticated Hybrids 


In my practice I work with identity and question who we are as individuals. Working primarily with Photoshop, my work involves digitally manipulating my subjects faces and distorting them to the extent that they are no longer recognisable. This not only creates an absence of self and causes the loss of the individuals identity, but also creates a new one, giving a whole new character and personality to the subject. I work with layers and explore the use of masks and the concept of what it is to take on a new persona.  

Domesticated Hybrids’ addresses submission and male dominance through an animalistic genre. The work began by considering the way animals are ‘enslaved’ within zoos for human benefit in an artificial environment. Throughout history women are met with the same attitude and all too often the female body is seen as a consumer product, treated no better than animals by the opposite sex. Similarly I consider women in the pornography industry and how they too are placed in an artificial environment for human benefit. The viewer is then invited to bring my digital manipulations to life and participate by wearing an animal mask to become one with the art. 

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