April Robinson  



As a practicing artist, I have found myself developing as a sculpture and performance artist. One of the aims of my practice is involving participants to understand them as a person, for recent works I have gone into local spaces and had conversations with the audiences to understand their term of fragility of life however whilst producing the work I ensure that the participants are kept anonymous which makes the work more interesting. As an artist, I have developed in an area that means a lot to me, this is remembering the past. It is to do with how our mind works and cannot forget what has happened.  This term has been the main theme around my practice and helped me understand how each participant differs. As for my final degree show I am looking forward to developing further in performance art and basing it around trauma that has affected the participants and understanding their traumatic stories. Being majorly influenced by the artist Doris Salcedo and the theorist Sigmund Freud which has helped me develop in my practice.  

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