Benjamin Rogers 

This is not the greatest artwork in the world, this is just a tribute

As an ethnographical orientated artist, I produce works that manifest themselves around specific journeys, pilgrimages and my love of motorcycling. In my work, I try to take a step outside of art I know and produce tight meaningful contemporary art works that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of viewers which are completely original in my own organic style. I achieved my past successes down to the interaction I’ve had with members of the public incorporating their input to produce the outcomes I’ve developed. Since starting at the university of Lincoln, my works have challenged the way people have viewed contemporary art and have helped show what could be possible thanks to previous works such as ‘A Viewers Journey’ my first solo show which was successful thanks to the input and information gathered from the Lincolnshire bikers group and also ‘how far have you ever gone for love’ taking me on a one thousand and fifty five mile journey around the UK in a quest to find what the public have done for love. 


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