Beth Jones 



As an artist, I mostly focus on installation art; my work aims at exposing the viewers repressed memories.  

My installations are designed to try and help those who are psychologically containing a traumatic event they have experienced. 

To achieve this I have created a piece of text in a circular motion with the centre missing. A few metres away there is a suspending segment of tree trunk. The viewer can then manoeuvre themselves so the viewpoint of the tree fits into the circle of the missing text, acting like a target to aim for.  

The relationship I have with my artwork is that the text is a brief description of a car crash that I experienced, it is not stated with in the text that it is a car crash, but instead the vague description of the event, the viewer interprets my event into an event they have experienced. Resurfacing the emotions they have kept hidden, which is the purpose of my artwork, to expose the events people hide and not let them dominate their lives.   

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