Callum Chamberlain

'Time Well Spent'

My practice is often demonstrated through installation or video art with the work generally concerned with themes of truth, doubt and irreverence. This normally manifests itself by addressing current social topics and highlighting their flaws or failures and presenting them to be exactly what they are not. The intention of the artwork is usually to undermine and make fun of the subject at hand by presenting it in a stripped back, simplistic manner. 

‘Time Well Spent’ is an artwork that explores themes surrounding post-truth as well as self-justification and is based upon my (questionable) university attendance over the duration of the course, presenting each absence with its own alibi. The artwork questions the value of university time by conveying an autobiographical attempt to justify how that time has been spent and the separate value that can arguably be gained from spending it in an alternative way. The piece attempts to create doubt within the viewer, stirring this notion of what is true in the face of what may seem obvious. 

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