Ellie Greenhough

Lee Greenhough: Outstanding Contribution to Music 

My artwork takes a critical view of connecting people to the world; whether it be between other people across the world, connections between borders, or other characters from a story. During the construction of my practice; I found a fascination with the ways we are all connected, having engaged in subjects such as immigration and border crossing, the rapid change in the music industry and map making to broaden ways in which people are connected.  The idea that we are all connected is both comforting and torturing knowing that we are connected to all 7.53 billion people who live in the world today.  

“I read somewhere that everybody on this planet is separated by only six other people. Six degrees of separation between us and everyone else on this planet.” (Guare, 1990) 

The work I create uses a variety of materials and processes in each project however the themes running through each piece are consistent, I may not realise it at the beginning of a project but in the end they all relate to the connection of people. The subject matter of each project determines the materials and the form of the installations that I then produce.  

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