Ellise Short


I’m an art student whose work delves into the metaphorical and poetic: I don’t like to serve my audience warm paste. My artwork centres around the theory and issues surrounding gender: I like to question societal perceptions toward gender, femininity and the female body. I speak out to everyone, particularly women, on how we’re shaped to believe that our true individual power isn’t enough - that ordinary acts of courage aren’t enough to change the world. It’s a major objective of mine, as a woman and artist, to encourage my audience into getting involved: emotionally, mentally and intellectually.  

 ‘Fragments’ is an engaging installation that holds a book, which consists of three subjective Gothic tales. These are all based on the poetry, themes and images that I’ve dreamt of and envisioned over the past six months. Each tale delves into the morbidly enticing world of the Gothic novel and centres around the female protagonist’s journey of facing her demons and embracing her inner power. I invite my audience to immerse themselves within my book and encourage them to digest and decipher what they individually believe each tale represents.  

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