Emma Harrison

In Order to Bloom  


My practice explores how women are placed on a pedestal as though they are performing for men; I use numerous mediums to highlight women’s rights and equality in the areas surrounding me. 

Each flower will be used as a metaphorical reference for the female body as I believe it to still be a simple yet poetic way of representing a woman in her natural state. When talking about deflowering a woman, numerous articles have described a woman’s virginity as ‘something to be taken’. This choice of language intrigues me as to why a female’s virginity is seen as an object, something that she can be robbed of. ‘In order to Bloom’ will focus on how society views a woman’s virginity and the physical act of taking her natural, born innocence away from her.  

It is rare to forget the name of your first sexual partner, regardless of the depletion of feelings which may transpire in the time that follows. Due to this, participants will be invited to exchange the name of their First Time for a real, white rose; this transaction creates a physical bond between the contributor and the installation – recreating the bond that is created between two lovers.  

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