Fran Healands

What can art do for them? 


Throughout University the artists work has developed into an ethnographic journey of enquiry into the possibilities of creativity and art to promote; social cohesion, mental well-being as well as building confidence, focusing on pockets of community within Lincoln that suffer from the side effects of our current political and economical climate such as; poverty, language barriers and homelessness the artist has tried to effect change through the facilitation of art. 

This work has been formed in collaboration with The Salvation Army Youth Group Lincoln, through a series of interactive creative workshops in which the children have been encouraged to use their creativity, and asked of their attitude towards the arts. The project aimed to question if art could do anything for these children and what they could contribute to the artists own development.   

The artist has formed a sculpture of the answers given to her by the children she has worked with telling the narrative of the journey she and the children have made together. 

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