James Colls 

'Breaking Through'

With creativity matched only by my motivation to thrive in the art world, I am a dedicated artist that has gained knowledge in various areas in art and design. Throughout my time as an artist, I have gained other skills such as communication and leadership through experiences from being a tutor and being part of curatorial teams and other exhibition roles. My artwork mainly looks at themes surrounding themes such as mental health and how the human mind works. In this piece of work, I have tried to portray how the human mind can be overwhelmed and the struggles of having to try and tackle many tasks at once, which I believe is something that everyone goes through from time to time. I have decided to use cling film as the main focus of the work as it is a clear material, however, more layers make it become opaquer and more unclear. It is also a material that I believe have a beautiful quality to it, but people fail to properly appreciate.  

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