Kirstie Lauren 

Article 40.3.3 


My artwork takes a critical view of abortion culture round the world and how society segregates women who need this procedure. Exploring the repercussions of modern regressions in women’s right to abort, control of their own bodies, and how the very real decision of keeping or making abortions illegal will result in unsafe, unregulated and unhuman backdoor abortions. I employ multi-sensory materials within my art, which allows me to reproduce the sensations that these women endure and create a bond between victim and art viewer. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, my methodology and symbolism are consistent throughout, wanting to make a change within society and bring private to public. I utilize an array of senses within my work to create a multi-sensory video installations that is the final product. I want my art to be accessible to people of all abilities and emotional backgrounds, which is something the art world lacks hugely, and by doing this I aim to create a more immersive style of art that allows viewers to use all of their senses to experience it. 

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