Lauren Smith 

Working Man’s Opera 

Lauren Smith predominately uses moving image to explore the world around her. The artist was born in the South of England, but grew up in a variety of countries. Her work is often commented upon as being controversial and autobiographical, as video is her voice, and she uses it to understand a personal position within the world, aiming to extract symbolic representations of personal experience to address subcultures and postcolonial themes; exploring race, commodities, motherhood, identity, feminism, power, hierarchy, love and sex. The artist’s previous works have been a reflection of a reoccurring period of club culture, racial fetishism, and a resistance to working class poverty. 

She is very interested on the aesthetic of branded clothing, a representation of commodity fetishism, and the groups people organise themselves within.  

Filming men from various backgrounds has been consistent throughout her work thus far and in “Working Man’s Opera”, she continues to explore why this is through The Beautiful Game.  

As a woman she throws herself into stereotypical lad culture, football & violence, with a camera by her side. 

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