Priya Rupra 


Priya Rupra is an artist from Birmingham who explores South Asian diaspora in her practice.  

My work plays with identity, power and education. I typically work in the form of performance and live art, however depending on the focus of a project, the media of an artwork will vary.  

I am in the process of interrogating identity and its place in the arts, particularly focusing on the systems of social hierarchy and their implications for artists of colour. I work through traditional Indian ideologies as well as colonial histories to build a narrative that antagonises political and moral questioning. My process involves melding ceremonial Indian rituals with contemporary live art practice. 

Aftermath focuses on life after rape. The performance delves into realms of justice, relationships and domesticity. Focus is specific to the situation of rape before and after marriage in South Asian communities. Chillies and bangles have been used to symbolise cultural restraints while the comparison of purity and impurity through white and red throughout stem from teachings in Sikhism. The expectations of south Asian women to marry as virgins and proceed to perform housewife duties are a heavy stereotype in this performance, therefore reference to heat is present throughout.  

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