Evie Atton  


From clinical to cognitive; my practice helps others gain an understanding of their sensory awareness. I express sensory importance with an activist yet poetic approach, that uses philosophical concepts of mind and body relations. 

Due to close experience with sensory differences (Autism Spectrum Disorder), I understand it as a perception; not a disorder which is where my term 'second skin' originates from, removing negative connotations. 

Sensory differences involve hyper-sensitive and/or hypo sensitive stimuli, in which people utilise stimming (self-stimulatory behaviour) to adjust this. It is important for the body, as a whole, to find a balance between the two.

'Sensorium' is an immersive space that influences a participant to become more aware of their senses: focusing on individually, first person experience and perception. Flashing lights, intense sounds, colours and materials all contribute to help one reach their sensory equilibrium; the pink on the walls has been proven to induce calming effects. The handmade latex represents 'second skin' and the thin line between body - mind and internal - external. Inside the latex box, I will be performing somatic movements which focus on my body's needs. The somatic practice I have chosen centres on fluidity, which is reflected onto the surrounding latex sheets.


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