Shay Bater​
Erasing into Existence 

Within this work I experimented with the idea of self portraiture to create a wax cast of my face; exploring themes of my own identity and self destruction. By holding the heat gun that breaks down the wax and melts this cast, I am solely responsible for my own devastation. As the wax is heated and melts, the cast breaks down on itself and the work is erased into existence. ​
Whilst my singular role as the artist; destroying my own work and my own face, is key to this piece, I also wanted to explore identity in a wider context. While one’s identity is inextricably linked to their outward appearance, this work shows the two dimensional nature of aesthetics when all aspects of your personality are removed.​
The viewer is forced to watch the disturbing scene as my face dissolves, inviting them to question its importance and meaning.

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