Laura Charlotte Bates

Sexual Coercion 

I’m a contemporary, conceptual artist with a focus on current worldwide taboo issues, such as domestic abuse, drug addiction and sexual coercion. I aim to create thought provoking, visually stimulating tactile pieces, that promote awareness to such delicate subject matter that I strongly feel needs addressing on a larger scale. My practice comprises mixed media that includes installations, projection and live performance. I gain my inspiration from my own personal life experiences and convert these into autobiographical art, which I hope humanity to gain comfort from. 

Pants imply protecting modesty. Sand signifies time, and the journey of a victim ridding herself of the emotional weight she carries. The patchwork of pants is a sculpture that speaks of identity, as underwear is a very personal preference. The piece contains one rape victim’s pants which will remain anonymous. I invite the audience to touch the pants and the sand as when one touches sand, one doesn’t feel fully clean, much like a rape victim. The pants can be rather pleasurable to the touch, but at the same time, feels wrong. Perhaps the thoughts of a perpetrator? 

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