Rachel Beckett 

Eochar na Saoirse (The Key to Freedom)  

As an artist I am interested in the politics of space. Considering space as ‘a pincushion of a million stories’, I create multi-disciplinary work that uncovers the hidden narratives that exist in a site. Places are embodied entities, by presenting the stories within I aim to make people consider how they are constantly connected to other spaces, places and individuals. The medium I work with is constantly evolving in response to the subject matter, recently I have been working predominantly with sound. Sound whilst materially invisible is extremely emotive and visceral. The spatial, ephemeral and immersive qualities of sound allow me to define the space and engage the audience.  

This year marked the centenary of Eamon De Valera’s escape from Lincoln prison, a brushed over memory in the history of the city. The fragmentary nature of the British Archives has resulted in the absence of his story. Working with the transformative potential of counter- archives I aim to disrupt the dominant national narrative intending to offer an alternative history. Through an interactive sound installation, the past will be reanimated. As you travel through the space disembodied voices recount the direct role they played in the jailbreak.  

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