Rhianne Bellis

'Frustration Station'

Rhianne Bellis is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores the connections between art and science, frequently but not limited to human biology. Science is all around us, even when we don’t notice it. Even time is a scientific equation based on the imperfect movement of the earth around the sun. It is a theory that we all rely upon - but what happens when we lose track of time? How long does it take us to become disoriented when placed into a space where time is everywhere, staring at you from all angles but you have no idea which time is the right one? Time appears to speed up around you, the ticking getting louder the more frustrated you get – this is a biological response to the situation. ‘Frustration Station’ has two components; one is an immersive experience for a singular audience member at a time, the other allows audience members to be observers. But does being aware that you are being watched increase your frustration? 

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