William Bennett


My practise is centred around ideas of masculine identity and focuses on the difficulty I have in finding where I sit as a man. Often, I feel I am split between traditional masculinity, claiming men should be stoic and handy around the house, and more modern masculinity in which men can show their emotions and weaknesses. Within my work I present this feeling of being in two parts by expressing my weaknesses within the context of traditionally masculine materials such as concrete, scaffold and 2 X 4’s. 

This work explores my difficulty sleeping and the anxiety I experience at night. It addresses how my mind switches between logical and illogical states creating cycles of agitation and release throughout the night. The artwork takes objects and imagery associated with sleep such as counting sheep, tea and the suspension between consciousness and unconsciousness, and twists them into a kind of torture device; taking cues from Chinese water torture and sleep deprivation techniques. An expression of myself at my most vulnerable; I am to show that talking about mental health can be a masculine action. 

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