Kira Blume

Now We Are Not So Sure (2019) 

As a multidisciplinary artist I aim to blur the boundaries across art, science and technology, having previously worked with motion capture, 360 video, virtual reality and body art. I investigate what makes us human and how we’re becoming post-human through using the body as a canvas and medium. My practice questions why we modify our bodies, from both a medical perspective and the limits of the body. Using technology as a motive, not a process, I look at how it’s an aspect of our embodiment and how it’s imbedded within us. I aim to use art as a mechanism to explore the impact of emerging technologies on our bodies alongside why we modify ourselves. Now We Are Not So Sure uses Microsoft Kinect software along with a choreographed score to explore how our physical bodies can extend our digitalised body. Movements tracked by the Kinect will cause the software to glitch, creating visually extended motion capture figures. The piece is intended to be interrupted, creating interactivity to show our embodiment within technology. Through extending bodies I explore the power of technology from current and future prosthetics, to becoming post-human.  

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