Rebecca Brown  


Traditionally, my artwork considers themes of self-exploration and encourages audiences to consider different aspects of themselves on a deeper level. I have used live performances and video in previous works to invite the public to think about parts of their lives such as their secrets or dreams. By inviting an audience to think about themselves, my work encourages self-reflection and provides an opportunity for an audience to consider and reflect on these aspects which they may usually dismiss.  

Chimaera’ offers a macabre twist on this self-exploration by providing the audience with examples of preserved specimens to encourage thoughts surrounding mortality. The term ‘Chimaera’ is a reference to Chimaera Taxidermy which is a genre of taxidermy created from a selection of animals to form different beasts from mythology or the artist’s imagination. I have always been intrigued by mythology and the lies we choose to believe or take interest in. By combining this fakery with taxidermy, I hope to invite an audience to think more deeply about this concept of twisting the truth and to have a better relationship with topics surrounding mortality.

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