Rachael Mackerness

A Love Letter to a Place

This installation piece explores through the art of letter writing, how to express the love one can have towards a place. Sit down at the bureau and you will see a typewriter, upon you are asked from a set of instructions, to type up a love letter to a place you are fond of. This could be a place with strong memories; to others it may have no significance. Prior to my degree in Fine Art, I had only carried out traditional art forms including painting and drawing, so transitioning to new mediums was a challenging yet exciting experience. I have previously carried out performance art as it allows the viewer to visually and emotionally engage with my ideas. This is the element of participation and I want the public to feel like they can also play a role and be the artist. I would like to carry this concept into my installation piece. After the exhibition, I aim to post the letters to communicate with the sites, from which I will not receive a response but through this poetic writing I aim to send a message that many cannot say in words, to a place where their heart belongs. 

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