Rebecca Copper 


I am an environmental artist who works with a variety of mediums, to explore the relationship between us and the planet. I use video to correspond with the current technological and post-human era. My work aims to reaffirm our gratitude for the earth, whilst questioning our daily decisions, which inevitably harm and impact the environment. I am influenced by the theory of ‘Anthropocentrism’; this means that humans see themselves as the most important aspect within the universe, above nature. My practise raises awareness of this ideology, to encourage a positive change in our behaviour towards the earth. Throughout my degree I have worked with several environmental subject matters: Pollution, Littering, Consumerism and Industrialisation. Nevergreen illustrates the bleaching of the coral reefs and brings it closer to our realities. I looked at colour as a metaphor for life and colourlessness as a symbol of dying/death. Within the projected video I paint the leaves using the bleach; the delicate action of painting opposes the detrimental process of bleaching, demonstrating our repetitive denial to the consequences of our harmful daily activities. 

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