Rebekah Calderwood 

Will You Let Me Dream? 

Using the medias of text, live art, installation and an autobiographical writing, my practice is immersive between the participant and me. 

The practice targets the public about care and the care of others, continuing into the topics of mental health, loss and intimacy. The rules of conditional hospitality coined by Jacques Derridas plays a role with my practice as well as one to one performance art (a performance with the artist and one audience member at the time) pioneered by Adrian Howells, both together help provide the sensitive and intimate roles of guest and host in a one to one environment. 

Will You Let Me Dream? “uses the subject of kindness and care being the centre of the performance. Being able to give to the participant and bring the sensations of ether being moved, remines or understand the difficulties of kindness in today. I shall be using reading to give kindness to the audience member and create a chance of intimacy, a place where participant and I can connect about kindness and go deeper into its meaning.  

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