Theodore Purdy 

Clowntime Is Over 


A will to see constant personal improvement is the driving force behind my work. I firmly believe in the strength of reflection my artistic processes contain and find they are vital to my understanding of my body, self and gender identity. My work gravitates towards performance art and audience participation, usually with a focus on the body; more specifically the body’s parts and functions. I like to find a balance between the abject and humour where I can blend the two together to create something that rests in the borderlands of socially acceptable behavior and acts that should be concealed. My performances often feel like a selfish act of self-care, where I set aside a time-period for a reflection and mining of the self that I understand to solely arise during this period. 


‘Clowntime Is Over’ is such a performance, where I reflect on my past experiences of gender presentation and recognise a current and harmful body modification of body binding that has recently become part of my daily makeup. It represents a continued digging into my childhood, adolescence and present processes to create a form of exploration and provides opportunities to really get some things off my chest – literally.

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